Sunday, October 17, 2010

My 1st crop

Well I did it. I have been wanting to go to a crop for a very long time due to my not having any friends who enjoy scrapbooking the way I do. I went yesterday to the Among Friendz crop at the Clubhouse and stayed for 6 hours. I had a really good time and want to go to another one now.
While there I even took a class (a Disney Nightmare Before Christmas layout).

There was not a large crowd but since it was my first time I think that was probably better. Kelly McCracken the owner was very nice and even knew my name as soon as I walked in. I wound up buying 2 other page kits she was selling. I even had time to put together 1 of them while I was there.

Their next crop won't be until November 6th but I'll be at the Expo then and I'm not sure if they are having a December one. I am now thinking of going to the crop during the Expo. Hmm? Before I left I took a bunch of pictures to commemorate my visit. Kelly was nice enough to get a pic of me while I was cropping to add to my collection.

I finished 10 pages while there which is the most I've ever done in 1 day! Thanks for all the tips and good luck advice from my CC sisters.

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