Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas planner

At the GiversLog.com they have a fantastic printable Christmas organizer that is broken down week by week and starts all the way back in October. If I followed it like I did last year it would have helped me to not be so frazzled and running around this year. Oh well better late than never. It is adorable, helpful and you can cut it out and carry it around with you in your purse. Luv!

You can find it here:Christmas Organizer printable

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chase Charity Giveaway

Chase Bank is giving away $3 Million (picture me doing my Dr. Evil impersonation here) to 100 charities this weekend. You can vote through Facebook. It says you can vote 10 times for 10 different charities but I am asking that you send 1 of your votes to Scrapbook Royalty. It is a group that raises money through scrapbooking and craft related activites and then gives it away to charities. They put on alot of events throughout the year and like many charities are in need.
You can find their page here: Facebook Giveaway


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Big Picture Classes SALE!

Big Picture Classes is having a fantastic 50% off sale of all their self paced classes to celebrate their 6th birthday. For those who don't know they are a site that hosts online craft/scrapbooking classes where you have permanent access to the class. This is why I keep taking them, I never have to worry about getting busy and not finishing a class because I will have it forever. I have loved all the classes I've taken.

Not into scrapbooking? How dare you! Just kidding, they also have a number of photography, DIY and even a meditation class available in their self paced section. The self paced section basically means you will not have 1 on 1 communication with the teacher like the workshop section. The self paced classes are pre planned and recorded so when you buy it you have all the contents of the class instantly. In the workshop section classes feature live interaction with the teacher and other students and material is released week by week.
Click me to go to the website to get the code

Sale ends on the 20th of this month!!!