Saturday, October 9, 2010

I forget alot so I made this!

Hi all well I've decided to post one of my projects I made. It was a simple thing that I did in 1 day and I hope you like it!

I found that there were so many web sites and clubs I had joined that I couldn't remember all of the passwords and user names. There were some web sites that required your email as your user name, or you had to have a number in your password or it had to be 8 characters long, etc. etc. There had to be an easy way to remember everything and then I saw a password log for sale at some big store but for $15! Inside was pretty simple so I thought I'll just write down everything in a notebook...that lasted a couple of months until I decided I could at least make something a little cuter.

Here it is:

 Here is where all the Info goes.

It features a Die Cuts With a View paper that I really loved (It's covered in butterflies and gold dots) and thought it was a different color combo than I'm used to. I just added the title of "WWW:" from my cricut and a couple of fabric flowers held down with an antiqued brass colored brad. I also featured a pearlescent shade of green under the title and added a blue fringe detail on the bottom for fun.

Now here is the even better part. If you like this or maybe you just like anything free (totally me) then I will be giving it away to someone as a prize for reading this blog.

How to enter:
Just leave a comment by 11pm October 16 and I'll draw a name and mail it out onto you. To sweeten the pot I'll even add a cute little acrylic stamp set to get you started on your xmas card making. It measures approx. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Good luck!


  1. I got here from the Circle MB! Hi California circlet! :) I'm from San Francisco!

    What a cute idea! I used to have a piece of paper that I hid under my keyboard... how archaic is that!?! That little stamp is adorable too! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win! :)

  2. I got here from the Circle MB, too!
    I'm in Paso Robles--about 2 hours away.
    Darling idea!
    Thanks for sharing!