Friday, July 1, 2011

On an off topic Back up your stuff!

About 6 weeks ago my laptop computer died on me. I was devastated as I loooove my computer. I had to do without it for about 2 weeks but now I have it back and am back to surfing the sites from the comfort of anywhere I want. The moral of this story though is if you don't want to lose your things like pictures and bookmarked websites like me then back up your data. Anyone can buy a flash drive, sd card, or external hard drive for under $100 or even under $20 so there is no excuse. There is even a device called a Picture Keeper that is a flash drive that will back up all your pics automatically in like 2 minutes, however I always have 2 backup sources. I only lost like 10 pictures as I try my best to back up everything but this time I got lazy and those pics won't ever come back so today when you finish reading this BACK UP YOUR STUFF!


  1. So glad you posted this reminder..I often find myself telling people this and they look at me like I am nuts but a few weeks later...ha I was right and I feel sort of bad for them but am like hey I warned you!

  2. I had three! computers die on me last summer! It was terrible. Lost some stuff too. I use Mozy now-an automatic back-up that's online.