Saturday, January 19, 2013

Gossamer Blue Kit Club

If you're looking to join a kit club I have a good one to recommend. Gossamer Blue is a great because of a couple of reasons, great products and prices being the main one. It is no commitment so you can cancel anytime without fees. The monthly price of the kit is about $30 which is the base price of many other kit clubs. I've enjoyed their paper and embellishment selections, my December kit included a lot of SNAP products which were sold out everywhere else.

A unique thing about their club is that each month includes a digital element and if you upload 4 layouts using their kits for 5 straight months they will send you a free album to house the 20 layouts! Neat huh?

I started my kit in December and have been impressed with the speed of my kit shipment and customer service. Another neat feature is that they include a sticker label that features the name of the kit and the colors used for quick reference. Little touches like this impress me a lot.

Find more info at their site here:
The current Lookbook (sneak peek of upcoming kits) is here: Lookbook

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