Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quick Tip: Washi Organization

I came to be a washi tape addict last year and have slowly built my collection. However one thing that I was getting confused on was which Washi I had already bought. I took a class with Freckled Fawn and they gave a fantastic tip about adding washi in strips to plain manilla tags and then connecting them with a binder ring. Genius! Now I can use this tool when shopping so I don't double up on a roll (it lasts forever!) and I can use it to refer to when I'm doing layouts.
I need more orange, yellow, pink and purple
FYI: Washi tape for those who don't know is similar to masking tape since it has transparent qualities. You can use it on layouts for embellishing, journaling on or as borders. You can even use it on home decor items.
I buy mine through various places since alot of scrapbooking companies are now making it but here are a couple of  washi "specialty" shops.
Freckled Fawn (highly recommend their red woodgrain tape, it's adorable)
Pretty Tape on etsy
TheWashiShop on etsy

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I haven't really gotten into the tape yet, but this tip makes me want to check it out. However, I am on a spending ban until the day after Christmas, so I will have to wait! ;0)